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2009 Jaguar XF Super


2009 Jaguar XF Supercharged

The 2009 Jaguar XF Supercharged (SC) is the top of the lineup for this model. The major benefit of the SC is its turbocharged engine.  Based on a concept car called the C-XF ("C" for concept), the 2009 XF is a midsize four-door that was produced as a replacement to the S-Type.  The Super?s estimated fuel consumption is 17 mpg through the city and 23 mpg on the highway.  With a vehicle in the SC price range, which starts at $62,000, one expects a lot, from performance to design, to cabin quality.  That said, the XF Supercharged certainly delivers, it is contemporary, with just a hint of classic Jaguar, and it is smooth in every sense.   The hardware underneath the Jaguar XF SC is anything but ordinary. A lot of it, including the suspension design, is borrowed from the Jaguar XK. Driving the XF is quiet and responsive. It feels lighter and more agile than some of its competitors, and it bears up like a sport sedan when driven aggressively. The XF 4.2 SC comes standard with just about everything Jaguar offers, including 20-inch wheels. Most significantly, it features a supercharged version of the V8 and CATS, the Computer Active Technology Suspension. SC options are limited to a heated steering wheel ($300) and radar-guided Adaptive Cruise Control ($2,200).

High Standards for Safety

The XF is the largest car in this class. It was engineered with safety considerations.  Included in the Jaguar XF is high-tech metals of the future, materials that will likely be a part of the future of car design.  These include high-carbon steels, dual-phase steel, hot-formed boron and bake-hardened steels; the end effect is a vertical safety ring around the XF's occupant space.  In fact, Jaguar has claimed that the 2009 XF will deliver the best crash protection in the class with a body/frame package that is lighter than that of its competitors. Jaguar also claims that it is the most torsionally rigid car in the class, meaning that it flexes less from end to end under pressure. This overall stiffness and rigidity is one of the factors that separate luxury sedans from less expensive, higher-volume models.

Power for the XF Super

The top trim level SC has a 420-hp supercharged version of the 4.2-liter that's claimed to blast to 60 mph in 5.1 seconds. With its belt-driven, rotor-type blower, the supercharged 4.2, or SC, generates 420 hp and 408 lb-ft.  By far, it is the most powerful engine in this class, besides those in limited-volume hotrod  cars from BMW's M division, Mercedes AMG and the like, expensive cars with expensive engines. Top speed is electronically controlled at 155 mph.  The 2009 XF SC is the quickest car in its segment, and this is a segment that includes some awfully fast cars.  The 2009 SC has the same mechanical package as the former S-Type R, which was Jaguar's version of the M or AMG cars. Yet nothing in XF suggests a hot-rod quality. Rather, it responds like a luxury sedan.  Considering the powerful engine, fuel consumption is not bad. The fuel mileage isn't bad, either, despite the power and acceleration advantage on the competition, actually at 17/23 mpg it is better than any current V8-powered car in the class, and better than some six-cylinders.

Driving the XF Supercharged

The Supercharged model comes standard with Computer Adaptive Technology Suspension, an electronically controlled adaptive-damper suspension that smoothes out bumps and controls body motions.  The driving experience with the XF starts before you are even headed down the road.  All XFs Supers have proximity keys, so the doors can unlock themselves. When the driver sits down, the start button o n the center console pulses red. Press it and, as the V8 draws its first breathes of air, cutouts in the aluminum dash panel rotate to expose four vents. At the same time, a milled aluminum shift dial rises out of the console, ready to rotate three clicks for Drive or four if the driver prefers to shift manually with paddles on the steering column. This intro is engaging and showy.  The XF SC gives a  soft purr of the at idle, which will leave you anticipating what lies ahead.  Once one the road one can imagine how the XF Super drives; first of all its fast, it is somehow always smooth, and it can handle bumps in the road well.  At highway speeds the cabin is quiet like a luxury sedan should be.

Jaguar XF Design

The 2009 XF Supercharged is modern and aerodynamic.  Still, for those who love the classic Jaguar characteristics, they can certainly be found on the XF.  The XF's basic shape does more than create a high-impact presence. Aerodynamically, it's the most efficient Jaguar sedan ever, with an impressive 0.29 drag coefficient and a front-to-rear lift balance of zero. That means that neither end of the car is more inclined than the other to lift in the airflow as speeds increase. The excellent aerodynamics help keep the XF stable at high speeds, reduce wind noise inside and reduce fuel consumption at a given speed, compared to a car with more drag. The car's smallish mesh grille and large lower-bumper vents carry over from the C-XF concept, but the formerly slitlike headlights are much larger and have drawn criticism.

Cabin Features for 2009

The XF Super offers a good sized and comfortable cabin space.  For cargo purposes, the relatively large trunk can be expanded by folding the backseat forward. The interior combines traditional cues with contemporary touches, like a rotary knob in the center console that serves as a gear selector.  Just about everything is automated in the inside of the XF.  When the engine is started, the JaguarDrive Selector knob rises out of the console, and closed air conditioning vents rotate to the open position. The XF also uses proximity sensors in place of switches or handles for the reading lights and glove compartment lid ? a wave of the hand does the trick.


To read more about just how this Jaguar performs, read a 2009 Jaguar XF SC road test.  The 2009 Jaguar XF Supercharged is an excellent luxury sedan with a little extra boost.  Furthermore, it is one of the safest vehicles in its class.  It is also the fastest and largest.  New for 2009 the XF SC is a glimpse at the future of Jaguar, from its design to technology; Jaguar has been undoubtedly successful at finding a modern replacement for the outgoing Jaguar S-Type.   For more pictures and details, read this Jaguar XF Supercharged review.